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BONUS – Interview: BlacKkKlansman actor Ashlie Atkinson, ACS film screening

Arkansas actor Ashlie Atkinson tells us about working with Spike Lee, and the upcoming ACS BlacKkKlansman screening in Little Rock
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This Saturday, June 24th, 2023, the Arkansas Cinema Society is hosting a screening here in Little Rock of the 2018 Spike Lee film BLACKKKLANSMAN, starring John David Washington and Adam Driver. Ticket info is below. Blackklansman also features an Arkansas actor named Ashlie Atkinson. She plays Connie in the film, and she will be at the screening this Saturday for a Q&A after the film. I was thrilled to get to speak with Ashlie for a few minutes about Blackklansman, Spike Lee, her acting career, and taking on challenging roles.


BlacKkKlansman screening Saturday, June 24. Get tickets here

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