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067: The French Dispatch, Last Night in Soho, and an exvangelical discussion of Ingmar Bergman’s Winter Light

Hear reviews of The French Dispatch and Last Night in Soho, plus ex-evangelical filmmaker Andrew Bowcock joins for a discussion of Winter Light
Arthouse Garage: A Movie Podcast
Arthouse Garage: A Movie Podcast
067: The French Dispatch, Last Night in Soho, and an exvangelical discussion of Ingmar Bergman's Winter Light

In this episode, I’ve got reviews of the new film from Wes Anderson, The French Dispatch, and the latest from Edgar Wright, Last Night in Soho.

After that, we start a new series called “The Art of Deconstruction: Faith, Doubt & Film.” In this series, guests come on the show, talk about the evolution of their religious life, and select a film that has been meaningful to them during spiritual transition. Most guests are “ex-vangelicals,” meaning they have moved away from evangelicalism towards something else.

My first guest is Andrew Bowcock, a filmmaker and exvangelical friend of mine who shares his story of religious deconstruction during college. He selected Ingmar Bergman’s wonderful film Winter Light, which depicts a pastor struggling with his belief in God. The film is amazing, and the conversation with Andrew is too.


What is an “exvangelical”? – “Exvangelical” – a working definition.

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Andrew is a writer, podcaster, and film lover who wants to help people think critically about movies. He lives in central Arkansas with his wife Allison and two children, Rosie & Beau. Andrew is the Senior Editor at Arthouse Garage and a member of the Southeastern Film Critics Association (SEFCA). Find him at and on Twitter and Instagram: @ArthouseGarage.

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